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Mountain Trail MS has many exciting programs to reach a variety of interests: From our Journey Program for Gifted students; to a myriad of STEM Electives for those with a quest for the why and how; to marvelous Fine Arts offerings and new for the school year 2021-22 - Design and Modeling (for those interested in engineering) and Medical Detectives (for those with a science/CSI calling). There is a path for everyone at MTMS and we would love to have your middle school student continue their educational journey with us!

Journey Program for Gifted Students

Journey is a personalized path to success for gifted middle school students in Paradise Valley.  It is based on a constructivist theory of education, which maintains that students learn best when they construct knowledge for themselves.  For this reason, Journey is heavily focused on Project Based Learning, Blended Learning, and student choice. Students are coached and mentored as they immerse themselves in interdisciplinary units of study that combine social studies, English Language Arts, and science.

More information about the Middle School Journey Program for Gifted students can be found at the link below:

View Middle School Journey Gifted Program Information