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General Athletics Information

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Permission Slip  Away Contest Release Form  Late Bus Routes

Dates for Sports:

  • SB/BB 8/22 start & 9/17 Festival
  • Track 10/31 start & 12/3 Festival
  • FB/VB 12/5 start & 1/21 Festival
  • GBB 2/21 start & 3/25 Festival
  • Wrestling 4/17 start & 5/13 Festival

Mountain Trail Middle School offers the following sports that students can join and participate in throughout the school year.

  • Boys Teams:
    • Basketball

    • Football

    • Wrestling

  • Girls Teams:
    • Basketball

    • Softball

    • Volleyball

  • Co-Ed Team:
    • Track and Field

Cost to participate:

  • Festival Fee $75 (cash or checks payable to Mountain Trail Middle School)

  • All Star Fee $30 (if your child is chosen for this activity)

The Mountain Trail Middle School Athletic online store has been launched.

Visit the MTMS store

PVSchools has a $400 sports fee cap, per family, per academic year.

Learn more about Middle School
Athletics at PVSchools

Interested? Turn in your forms and payment to Mrs. Sammartino in the front office by the first day of practice.

Parents: Take advantage of the tax credit payment option!

  1. If you want to pay the volleyball fee by using the Arizona Tax Credit Program please see the front office.  Also, bring this completed permission slip packet.

  2. If you want to take advantage of the tax credit option, you must sign up in the Mountain Trail office prior to the beginning of the sport.  

Festival Information:

  1. Players must attend all practices.
    • We will practice Monday through Friday from 3:40 – 5:05 p.m..

    • One UNEXCUSED absence can result in suspension from the team and loss of privilege to practice or play in the Festival tournament.

    • Participants may be excused from practice with parental permission. Coaches must receive a note, e-mail, or phone call from the parent prior to practice.

  2. If you are absent from school (due to sickness or appointment), or leave early, please inform your coach so he/she knows you are excused from practice as well. If you are absent from school, you will not be allowed to participate in practice or games on that day.

  3. Using an objective scoring system, an All-Star team will be chosen at the end of the Festival season to compete against All-Star teams from other middle schools in the district.

  4. Participants being picked up after practice must be picked up in the designated drive-through area on the east side of the school NO LATER than 5:10 p.m. Continued late pickups can result in dismissal from the team.

  5. Participants riding the activity/late bus home after practice will NOT be allowed on the bus for the remainder of the season if they receive one bus referral.

  6. Proper attire/clothing/gear is required for practice: athletic/court shoes, shorts, T-shirt. Sweatpants are permitted.

  7. No gum, food, candy or jewelry will be allowed at practice.

  8. Bring a positive attitude, learn, and work hard. Disrespect of a coach, teammate, official, or opponent can result in suspension or removal from the team. Each situation will be evaluated separately.

Parent Letter

Dear Parents,

The Paradise Valley Unified School District has a wide variety of after-school activities that include Student Clubs and Activities, Festival Sports, and Festival All-Stars. The sport activities are open to all students – physicals are NOT required. A fee will be charged for each activity and the fees will vary depending on the activity. The Middle Schools’ administration and coaching staff enthusiastically encourage your child’s participation.

Festival Sports run 16 days and include a Saturday Festival/tournament competition. Festivals are tournaments held at a local high school and include all PVSchools Middle Schools. The Festival Sports program provides weekly instruction of fundamentals by our high school coaches and athletes.  Festivals also include EVERY student that signs up for the activity - NO CUTS.  Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball, Girls’ Softball, Girls’ Volleyball and Boys’ Football will also include All-Star teams. Track and Wrestling do NOT have an All-Star team. If your student makes the All-Star team, there will be an additional $30 activity fee payable before the first game.  All-Star teams are chosen during the 4th week of the Festival Sports program. A 7th-grade and an 8th-grade team will be selected from the athletes who have participated in the Festival Sport. These All-Star teams will continue practices and participate in 6 district competitions. The All-Star competitions will be held after school during the week at our various middle school campuses. Continued participation will depend upon appropriate student conduct. Students may be suspended from participation for low grades, poor sportsmanship, disrespect, or destruction of property.

Participation Depends on the Following:

  • Signing up by the announced deadline (parent permission form MUST be on file for EACH sport)

  • Paying the participation fee of $75

  • Continuous participation is dependent upon appropriate student conduct and attendance

  • Proper activity/late bus paperwork on file (if necessary)

  • NO PASS – NO PLAY policy applies to All-Star competitions, and traveling to away competitions for track and field, and wrestling

In the event of inclement weather, games and/or Festivals may be canceled.